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Could you have a compromised system that needs disinfecting? Best to use either Firefox or Opera with noscripts to avoid stuff like this.

Websites have the ability to run programs on your computer (they are not always simple documents). This is like letting someone walk round your house, alone. Noscripts allows you to selectively turn on this facility for websites you trust. What can happen is a dodgy website loads a program that steals passwords. Noscripts prevents this.

Firefox without noscripts is only about ten times as safe as internet explorer. (Metaphorical figure).

Out of the box, Opera is generally considered the safest browser. (Hackers use it a lot, which says something).

The safest way to surf is with javascript disabled, but lots of badly written websites don't work properly. Some companies enforce this. (Sensible). Second safest is using noscripts and only allowing sites you trust.

It does depend on the internal security of the system. Ie a Mac is generally far more resistant to nasty things happening than a windows PC. (NOT immune though).

Think of it this way, you let someone in your house. They could be a trustworthy friend. Nothing bad will happen. They could be a thief. In which case, what happens depends on how secure things are in the house. If valuables are in a safe or on the table. If the person is being watched carefully. If personal information is on show. Noscripts is like choosing who you let in.


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